What are masks in Instagram?

What are masks in Instagram?
Masks in Instagram are an augmented reality effect in the form of a funny picture or a funny animated drawing that is superimposed on the face in online mode. Thanks to this filter, almost any dull photos can be made more interesting, colorful, and bright. With this option, you can easily turn yourself into a funny bunny, a playful cat, a cute puppy or a bear, try on glasses, a crown, a wreath, completely change your appearance or appear behind the wheel of a hand-drawn car! Everything will turn out no worse than in the unforgettable movie: «Who framed Roger Rabbit»,buy instagram likes cheap.

instructions on how to enable masks in Instagram

The effects are really huge and everyone can choose the one that best characterizes it at a given time.

What does the use of masks do?
The «Face Filters» mode won the hearts of millions of Insta users in the shortest possible time, who found dozens of applications for it. Here are just a few examples:

Create comical videos in which the blogger will appear before his audience in various guises.
Make fun GIFs in Boomerang and share them in your feed. (About the Boomerang as a tool for recording content, read a separate article on our website) Have
fun yourself, not forgetting about the children. The children are very fond of trying on various masks. This effect will become a universal nanny and a great replacement for boring cartoons.
Recently, pictures of unsuspecting friends with masks superimposed on them have received a great response. Where there are masks, there is fun and more congestion of bloggers! And this increased attention to the account, which has a positive effect on increasing the number of subscribers, likes and comments of your publication.

How do I enable masks in Instagram?
The procedure for enabling the mask overlay mode is simple: just install the Insta mobile app (version 10.21 and higher) on your device running Android or iOS. Now you should figure out how to find «masks» in Insta? The feature is available in Story mode. So:

open the app on your mobile device;
log in if necessary;
click on the «camera» icon, which allows you to enter the story creation mode.
In the lower part of the window, the following icons will appear: create a picture or start recording; change the camera;»smiley».

how to enable masks in the Instagram app

Click on the icon with the emoticon to open the panel with masks.

How to use masks on Instagram?
It is not difficult to try on face filters: you need to choose the one you like from the suggested masks (by clicking). By clicking on the start button, take a photo or record a video, after which it will automatically appear in your stories. If you decide to share the received content in another social network, then you first need to save it to the memory of your device.

The developers of this option went beyond simply superimposing a picture on an image. The filters are the very real effects of augmented reality. For example, try on the crown of the Snow Queen, make your lips a tube and see the steam from your mouth. Or here’s another thing: become a «bunny», open your mouth and «your» ears will rise. If you decide to imagine yourself as a «nerd-nerd», then do an experiment with fitting classic glasses.

where and how to enable masks in Instagram

Formulas will appear in the background, and if you open your mouth, mathematical symbols will start spinning above your head!

If the «face filters» in Instagram are missing
How to make masks and use all the animation features in face filters, we figured out. But what if this mode is not available in your Insta, or the option simply disappeared from the app?

If this mode is not available in your Instagram, then:

You need to update the mobile app (as noted above, to version 10.21).
Wait. Remember the situation with online broadcasts? There, too, not everyone immediately received the update. In this case, the same thing: the function will soon appear for your profile.
If the app update did not help, and the time has passed for more than a month, then you should contact technical support. At a minimum, experts will give a clear answer why there is no such option in your account, and at most-they will understand and solve your problem.

If this option worked perfectly, and then suddenly disappeared, there are two ways out: try to update the app or immediately write a letter to the developers about the incorrect operation of the app on your device.

We will tell you more about this issue in the article “And the Mask has a mask! And why are you not available masks in Instagram?”

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